Hybrid low-code web application development without constraints

No code, low code or full stack. Your choice.

Join the low/no code revolution. Reuse, Build and Share.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Applications built on the platform are PWAs by default. PWAs are good alternatives for native apps in many cases. Read more about PWAs here

Object Oriented

Objects are the building blocks of the platform. The platform lets you build interactive objects very easily and use within your own applications or sell it though the market place


Platform comes with Bootstrap CSS framework and the drag and drop Layout builder lets you create interactive & responsive screens without writing a single line of code

Template Driven

The platform is powered by a template-driven UI library that transforms your HTML templates, CSS styles and Javascript logic into highly interactive application building blocks

Full Stack

It is possible to do full-stack development in the platform, if required. You can naturally use HTML, CSS & Javascript on the client side and PHP is currently supported on the server side


Even the platform foundation components are available as standard objects, which can naturally be modified/ enhanced, if needed